Q.   A. Yes!  VoIP phones have the advantage of being portable and available on a variety of devices and locations.   Check with our sales team to find out more about how we can help you with your at-home and other remote users. < Return to our FAQ page!

Q.   A. Yes!  If you are a business we can set up a phone system for you and your business, including voicemail, auto attendant and other business features that come for one low cost.  < Return to our FAQ page!

Q.    Yes.  We have an integrated app that is available for cell phones and limited use on desktops.  We also support the Counterpath Bria app.  Not all features are available on our apps, so please consult with our team if a PC or cell phone app is required for your business. < Return to

Q. I’m in a contract with another provider, what can I do?    A. It’s difficult to move when you’re locked into another provider.  That’s why we don’t make our customers sign multi-year agreements.  Some providers will allow you to transfer without penalty, others will not.  We can  help you figure out what situation you

Q: Will I need to get new phone numbers?    A: Phone numbers can be transferred (ported) from your current carrier to your new system.  You can also choose to pick new numbers.  As part of our planning process, we will review options with you to determine how many number you will need to port

Q. What is VoIP? A. Voice Over Internet Protocol (commonly known as VoIP) is a technology that delivers voice communications and other multimedia through the internet. With VoIP, calls can be routed completely through any internet connection (including wifi) and can also be routed to other commonly used phone systems including landlines or cell phones.