Q.   A. Yes!  If you are a business we can set up a phone system for you and your business, including voicemail, auto attendant and other business features that come for one low cost.  < Return to our FAQ page!

Q.   Although unlimited calling is free with PulseOne, users are required to pay monthly taxes and fees. Why? Telecommunication is a highly regulated industry and subject to many laws, regulations and taxes at the city, county, state, province and federal levels. As a result, Ooma charges applicable taxes and fees so that we as

Q. I’m in a contract with another provider, what can I do?    A. It’s difficult to move when you’re locked into another provider.  That’s why we don’t make our customers sign multi-year agreements.  Some providers will allow you to transfer without penalty, others will not.  We can  help you figure out what situation you

Q. How much does it cost?    A. Pricing for our services depends on the type and level of service you want to purchase.  You can check out our Plans and Pricing here for more information, or Contact Us to have a Sales representative put together a custom quote for you.   < Return to